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Products Your Entire Family Will Love

Supporting small and local - Here you will find an overview of products we stock in the farm shop

From fragrant flowers to vibrant veggies, you will find the freshest variety of fruits and vegetables at Simon's Free Range Eggs. Whether shopping for Fresh Eggs, Seasonal Fruits, or Homemade Pies, we have a variety of products for you to choose from at our local farm shop. The best part is, we support local and British wherever possible, choosing to support the producers we know and trust so you can enjoy our products knowing you’re supporting the community and eating great food.


Simon's Free Range Eggs

Stocking our own Free Range Eggs from our chickens. Fresh eggs are available daily from the shop, laid by the girls on the farm. When you visit the shop you will have the opportunity to see the chickens in their range enjoying the sun. These girls prefer the rain so getting them in a bedtime takes awhile!

Seasonal Vegetables

We’re proud to offer our customers fresh British veggies! We try and get as much from as local as possible the rest is from our wholesaler who has local farms and gets as much from them as possible. The rest comes from the markets.  Our potatoes are from Rectory Farm near Oxford, going down in the van to pick them up often. Local insecticide free tomatoes from Nutbourne Nurseries in Pulborough.

Seasonal Fruits

A large variety of seasonal fruits are available from the farm shop all throughout the year. All of our seasonal fruit is grown as local as possible a large majority comes from Ringden Farm in East Sussex, supplying us with Plums, Cherries, Apples, Pears, Quinces, Meldars and more.

We stock non British produce if the fruit isn't available within the UK such as Bananas and Oranges. 


Jams, Chutneys, Curds and Marmalades

We have a large array of Jams, Chutneys, Curds and Marmalades. The majority are made locally from people we know and trust, the rest are produced in small batches in the UK. 
We have a selection of Jams, Chutneys and Marmalades from Ringden Farm, Auntie Val's and Thursday Cottage.

Flour, Sugar, Rice, Yeast

Our wide range of Flours from Marriage's, Doves Farm and Wessex Mill include Strong White, Plain, Self-Raising, Scone Mix, Wholemeal and White Spelt, Six Seeded and Gluten Free plain and Self Raising and many more. 
Our Sugar and Rice is produced in the UK by Country Products.

Juice and Cordials

We stock a large variety of Juices, having a range of locally pressed apple juices from Ringden Farm. Stocking 14 of their 1 litre still bottles and 4 of their smaller 330ml in our popular flavours and all 7 of their lightly sparkling cans. Stocking Bentley's St Clements still lemonade,  Lavender lemonade, Elderflower, Raspberry and Blackberry cordial.
We also stock grapefruit juice, orange juice and Eager Sicilian Lemon


Fresh Bread and Baked Treats

Working closely with two local bakers Oven Fresh Bakery in Reigate and Coburn and Baker in Hove we have a fresh supply of bread every Wednesday and Saturday. Getting the majority of our bread from Reigate we have a variety of large and small loaves. Soft and Crusty rolls. Using Coburn and Baker mainly for Gluten Free rolls and loaves and their fantastic sourdough! We also get their freshly baked Fruit, Treacle and Banoffee Tarts,Fruit and Raspberry danishes and Chocolate - Chip cookies.

Using a local small business in Horley we stock 8" Lemon and Butterscotch tarts. These are delicious and homemade a big hit with our customers

Condiments and Mr Ames Tea

Supplying our customers with a large array of Condiments from lots of British producers. We have a wide range of Sauce Shop sauces and condiments, Inspired vegan mayonnaise,  Soy sauce and much more!

We stock all 9 flavours of Mr Ames tea. They are ethically sourced, sustainably packaged and of superb quality. Each box contains 20 planet friendly tea bags. They are ethically sourced direct from origin, hand-packed in Kent

Freda's Peanut Butter

We’re proud to offer our customers Freda's peanut butter from Cornwall. We are the only suppliers in Surrey meaning our customers get the taste of Cornwall from the comfort of their own home.


The Sussex Pie Co.

The Sussex Pie Company is run by a Mother and Daughter team who make all the pies by hand. Selling them only through Farmers markets and a few select farm shops. We stock a large variety of Steak and Chicken pies along with a delicious Vegetable pie. They come in a size that feeds 2/3 people and an individual size.

G&T Fuel

G&T fuel supply us with all the BBQ essentials. We stock restaurant quality charcoal, BBQ scrapers, firelighters, instant light charcoal and BBQ tongs.


We stock a wide range of British cheeses as well as some from Wales. A lot of our cheeses are made locally having Sussex Charmer, Sussex Brie, Sussex Camembert and much more! Make sure to pop in to see our full range of Cheeses.

Our local milk is from Capel, we stock Whole (silver top) and Semi Skimmed (red top). Skimmed (blue top) is available on pre-order. We use glass bottles to help reduce plastic waste, they are also able to be returned after use, so that we can send them back to the farm to be reused.


The Blue Cow Butcher - Reigate

Having a large range of meat from The Blue Cow Butcher in Reigate including Paddington, Reigate Royal, Cumberland and Wild Boar and Apple sausages, Beef burgers, Smoked and UnSmoked Back and Streaky bacon, Minced beef and Chicken fillets.

The Pure Oyster Co.

We stock frozen fish from the Pure Oyster Co. Their jumbo fish fingers are the most popular item we stock! This local fish monger based near Pease Pottage they supply a large amount of local restaurants so the fish is of high quality.

And much more!

Make sure to visit our farm shop to see all of our amazing products!

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