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Christmas Orders

Nominated Supplier for Kelly Bronze Turkey's - A KellyBronze has well marbled meat and award winning flavour.
Supplier of The Blue Cow Butchers Meat.

Kelly Bronze free-range Turkey's stocking density is 500 per acre vs. an average of 16,000 per acre in commercial turkey barns. Because of this the Kelly's birds live as nature intended, with lots of exercise and a natural diet of corn, soya, and foraging. A Kelly Bronze has flavour, texture and produces its own gravy. Ready in 3 hours or less a Kelly Bronze will cook quicker because of the intramuscular fat that is not present in a standard bird. Remove the meat from the oven as soon as the needle hits 60°C and leave to stand for at least 30 mins. Each turkey comes with its own meat thermometer. Due to the Kelly family's dry artisan process, the product is very safe from food poisoning bugs, so the meat does not need to reach the same high temperatures as standard turkey. All ovens vary so use and trust your thermometer from halfway through cooking. 

 Without the use of water as in modern factories. It costs 10 times more in labour, but dry plucking enhances shelf life and allows dry aging. A Kelly Bronze does not touch water; therefore, you don’t pay for water uptake as with other turkeys. Paul Kelly and family farm from start to finish, from egg to oven. The Turkey's will need to be pre-ordered on a first come first serve basis and will need to be pre-ordered by the deadline of the 8th of December and will be ready for collection on the 23rd/24th of December. 

The Blue Cow butchers are a small modern family butchery business supplying the highest quality British meat with full traceability. Their meat is stocked in our Farm Shop year - round and we are expanding the range during the Christmas period to add pigs in blankets and sausage meat. All other meat will need to be pre-ordered. They and will be ready for collection on the 23rd/24th of December.

Christmas Produce Order Forms will be available early November! They must be emailed to us or handed in to the farm shop. We can accept electronically filled in or printed and scanned. There is Fruit and Veg and much more!! Meat Orders are to be placed separately.

Below is this year’s price list. You can pick up a printed copy at the Farm Shop. 

Our prices are the same as found on the Kelly Bronze Website. Except there is no delivery fee!

Orders are to be placed by phone, email or in person.

Contact Hazel on 07831 867 294 or email

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