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Let Us Know How We Can Help You

What products do you stock?

We have a large range of items including our own Free Range Eggs, Jams, Chutneys, Frozen Pies, Frozen Fish and Fresh Meat from the Blue Cow Butchers in Reigate. 
We don't have a list of all the items we stock as it is constantly changing as we add new products weekly. Coming down to the farm to look at what we have is the best option!

Is it safe to shop during COVID?

It is one of the safest shopping trips you will have during COVID. During the summer we moved from a small enclosed space to outside operating from a tent.
We have since moved all the products inside, however the customer is still outside under a sheltered roof meaning it is still a safe outdoors experience whilst keeping dry.
At the moment we serve each customer to ensure that the staff are the only people touching the produce, we all wear gloves to make sure we are being as safe as possible. We are 2 metres away from you at all times so we are abiding by all social distancing guidelines at all times.

Are your Eggs Organic ?

Our Eggs are Free Range, we are not registered as organic.

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